Appeared at Atlanta Black Theatre Festival

Soul on Fire features Shirley Murdock, who is best known for Elektra Records Top 10 R&B hits such as, “In Your Eyes.” Tyrone Stanley, who wrote the musical, is also performing in Soul on Fire, much to the delight of audiences who saw his debut in Toni Morrison’s Margaret Garner opera.

Soul on Fire is an inspiring musical revolving around the eternal themes of love and sacrifice. The setting exists in a utopian society called “Golden City,” and yet the actors reveal a range of human emotions that cannot be confined within pre-set, perfected standards. The main characters, Kisha and Mozes, perform a heart-wrenching drama that consists of forbidden love, secrets, untruths, and hypocrisy.

The performances will be held on the Main Stage at the 14th Street Playhouse (Woodruff Arts Center) at 6 p.m. each night. The theatre is located at 173 14th Street, Northeast Atlanta, GA, 30309. Tickets are currently on sale for $20. You may purchase tickets by calling The Arts Center directly, at (404) 733-5000, or you can purchase tickets online at Seats must be reserved beforehand.

For more information about the musical performance Soul on Fire, contact the Arts Center at 404 733-5000 or go online to ARTICLE FROM EXAMINER

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